This page is a work in progress. The goal is to provide better communication for those hosting  a free-will offering concert at their church. The information may be helpful to those hosting other types of events, but some may vary slightly. Please contact Michelle if you've any questions. 


Lodging needs vary based on the date and location. Michelle will be happy to clarify for your event. We usually request 2 nights for 9 people. We are open to most types of housing. We have had luck in host families, usually someone in the "empty nest" stage of life is able to host our family of 9. Two guest rooms or a large basement or loft area is fine. Some parishes have guest houses or unoccupied rectories - which we would be happy to fill. Others choose to pay for hotel rooms for the nights. Two adjoining rooms is appropriate. If the tour is band members only, then lodging will be for 4, and one room is sufficient.   

The Kids:

Please provide a space nearby (such as a classroom or parish center) where the kids can draw or watch a movie while we are working. If there is a volunteer who is willing to help oversee the Cecilia, MJMJ, and Truman during set up, this is very helpful. The kids ages are 9, 8, and 3.  Michelle is usually available during the actual concert to supervise the kids. 


Please provide one meal for the family. This should be served on-site 1 hour prior to evening concert start time. It is encouraged that our host join us for this meal. It is also appropriate to invite the babysitter or other volunteers who may be present at that time. The meal may be home-made, restaurant, or pre-packaged. Since the younger kids are not big eaters, a serving for 6 is generally enough food. Usually we are finishing up sound check at this time. If we are not finished with sound check, please take the liberty to begin  feeding the kids at that time.  There is usually not time to go to a restaurant unless  we have set-up earlier in the day. 

Our kids are kids. There is rarely such as thing as a "family favorite" food.  We encourage our kids to try new foods and to be thankful to the host. We have no expectation of our host to cater to each child's tastes. We have no true dietary restrictions or allergies. As a family we try to avoid meat on Fridays and we try to lean toward healthier options when possible. We like to try local favorites. 

It is appreciated if there are 5 bottles of water on stage for the concert.