Tips for Hosting a Concert: 


Our arrival time often varies based on our travel that day. We will give you an estimated time, but sometimes our arrival will vary by an hour or more. We will call or text with updates the day of our arrival. 

After parking, we would like the see the location of the concert if possible. This is also a good time to meet the priest or other staff as necessary. If the space is available early, then we will likely choose to set up at that time to allow for a break before the concert. 


Please account for a full 3 hours.  If the space is not available for that length of time, please let us know in advance so we can plan on a fast or alternate set-up.  

Space & Equipment: 

We request a performing  space that is 24 feet wide by 16 feet deep. This can be a raised platform or floor level. We can accommodate spaces as small as 18 feet wide by 12 feet deep.  Please let us know if your space will include a step or any other obstacles. We will need an area to store our empty cases during the concert. This can be behind or under the stage or in an adjacent storage closet or classroom. Because of the style of music and set up time required, it is our preference to be in a social hall instead of the church. If the sanctuary is the best space available, just be sure that Father is OK with the set-up and the style of music. 

We will need power accessible from the stage area. Two separate outlets, on two separate circuits.  This will keep us from blowing a fuse during the show. We have 50 foot extension cords available. 

We request one 6-8 ft. table for selling CD's and merchandise. This should be close to the entrance or near refreshments if they are served. We request one competent adult volunteer who can help at the merchandise table 20 minutes before the concert, during the concert, and 20 minutes after. 

Please plan on dark or dim lighting. We will provide lighting for the stage area. 

A green room is very helpful. This can be a classroom, bride's room, or kitchen off the parish hall. The goal is to have a space for our younger kids to sit and watch a movie or play a game during the concert. This space should be close enough that Michelle can check-in regularly. 

The Concert: 

It is preferred if the host provides an introduction before the concert. This can be a short story about how you met Michael or a summary of his bio. Please end the introduction by saying "Please welcome MJM7!" and begin clapping. After the announcement, Michael will go directly into the first song. (Our last name "Mette" rhymes with "Spaghetti.") 

Michelle will clearly announce when it is time for the collection. Please provide 2 baskets or bowls for the offering and volunteers who will pass them. 

After the final song, often people linger for further instructions. This is a good time for the host to mention any parish events or announcements.   Below is a video of a past concert :

Footage courtesy of Shalom World Media

After the Concert:

There is usually a period of transition after the concert where Michael will be available to sign CDs if requested. As soon as the room begins to clear out, we will start breaking down the equipment and loading the van. This takes about 45 minutes. We can use a volunteer to watch after the kids during this time.