Mette Photos :

Mette Standing W/ Clouds (Photo Credit : Bill Regan)

Mette Family at Easter

Michael with the Performing Daughters (Photo Credit : Bill Regan)

Mette Family at Paynes Prairie (Photo Credit : Bill Regan)

Short Bio :

In the four years that the Mette family has been on the road, many things have changed. They have upgraded from a vintage Airstream trailer to a tour bus. They have added two new members to their family.  The music has changed as well, growing from a solo acoustic show into a full family band.

"I used to get annoyed by the whole 'Von Trapp' or 'Partridge Family' joke thing, but now I just kind of embrace it" says Michael, who is artist, father, & bandleader.  "I realized that my family size is definitely a blessing, not a curse." And so now, the family joins him on stage each one sharing their joy and vibrancy in a unique way. The name of the band is MJM7. 

The music stands at the intersection of the church and culture drawing from rock influences like Foo Fighters and U2 to worship influences like Hillsong and Matt Maher. The girls' vocal harmonies combine with retro synths, ambient guitars & bombastic drums to create music that is passionate like a Friday Night and reverent like a Sunday Morning. The sound is both playfully innocent and deceptively deep.

Michael's unique style is most clear in the live events. The immersive concert experience combines technology, testimony, lights, & video to provide a backdrop for an encounter with the divine. Along with the family, he has played over 300 events over the past 4 years, traveling to 44 of the 50 states. 

Michael's new album, "Between the Lines" embraces an indie-pop sound with worship sensibilities. "Arts + Humanity" lies at the intersection of culture and church while "Bring Forth the Light" explores doubt and despair in the modern world.  "Always What I Need" invites simple trust in God's providence.  Visit for more information on this Catholic Family Band.


Between the Lines Album Artwork:

Between the Lines Cover (Hi-Res).jpg

Between the Lines Album Download :

Notable songs :

1) Higher  - A hopeful pop song with retro 80's synths, drum machines, and harmonies.  God has more in store for the future, plans for our welfare, not for woe (Jeremiah 29).

3) Heaven Come Rescue Me  - I wrote this song as an exercise on a teen retreat.  It comes from a dark place and the vocals switch characters placing seeds of doubt and confusion.  I love the climactic ending and that there is no resolution at the end, it leaves the listener with a sense of suspense.

7)  Blessed Jesus - I wanted to write a hymn that used modern production.  I love the ambient guitars and synths that swell to combine with the voices.  It's a song about praising the lord throughout the day, inspired by the liturgy of the hours.

11) Satisfied - I've wanted to create this song several times.  It took me several recording, deleting all the files and starting over from scratch to get the groove of this song just right.  It's my favorite track on the album.  It points to something greater than itself and says there's more to life than this.