What’s Your Story?

Stories have been around forever. From ancient times when they were told around the campfire to modern blogs and social media, stories are powerful. Learn how compelling stories invite people into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Take some time to look at your own testimony and apply seven simple principles to take your story from ordinary to extraordinary. Sharing our experiences unites the body of Christ and gives skin and bones to the gospel.

7 Habits for Balancing Family and Ministry

In ministry, it is easy to feel stretched thin. Family commitments and ministry responsibilities all want to take priority. It seems everything needs more of our time. Michael and Michelle share seven habits for balancing family and ministry. Learn from their life experiences as they have grown to a family of nine working in the Church. Examine your own situation and set goals for personal spirituality, family life, and ministry that help you thrive.

10 Practical Ways to use Music in Ministry

Music is a universal language and teenagers today are listening to more music than ever.  Breaking down barriers between Christian and secular music, Michael James Mette look at symbolism and beauty in art and how you can use these things to lead others toward God. Michelle, a lifelong non-musician shares ways to use music even when you don’t play an instrument. Break out of the rut of reserving music only for praise and worship. These 10 practical tips can enhance any gathering. 

Lectio Divina 

Lectio Divina (Divine Reading) is a way of praying through scripture that invites the reader to enter into the mystery. Jesus invites us to become actors in the divine play. It has been called feasting on the word of God. Savoring every moment. When read in a community, the Holy Spirit can speak through others to give us insight we never would have imagined. In this workshop, Michael teaches and leads a prayerful experience of God's word.