Merry Christmas from the Mette Family

Hope all is well with you and yours during this festive time of year!  Every year the Mette family records a Christmas song and this year we have chosen "Deck the Halls." It is exciting that some of our kids are getting old enough to actually sing instead scream the lyrics. I have managed to feature them each at some point in the song. If you watch the comments section as the song plays through, you will see that I have noted who is singing at that given moment.

You will notice that we have an added "family" member this year. Viviana is a young woman who has been living with us since October. She is visiting from Bogota, Colombia through the Amity exchange program which allows college students to teach in American schools. She is an assistant 2nd grade teacher at our kids' school and will be living with us until February. She has been a good sport going along with all of our not-so-traditional family traditions.  

Each year when we choose the song it is fun for us to go back and listen to the past years' recordings. We thought you might like to do the same, so be sure to check out the greetings from Christmas past

I hope you have a Merry Christmas filled with the Joy and Love of Christ as well as lots of family shenanigans!