Airstream: 1st workday

Remember when these were popular?

We knew from the get-go that the major challenge of getting the airstream ready was going to be time. Even if we were able to get one in perfect working order in a style that we liked, they are just not made to sleep 7 people.  (Actually, i did find one guy who had converted one to sleep 9, but he said his wife would kill him if he sold it!). We decided right up front that we needed to work on it deliberately, and not just when we got "around to it." Thus, as soon as we got home from picking it up, we looked at our calendar and decided to schedule work day #1. I would go 2 days prior to our Thanksgiving break while Michael would stay and let the kids finish out their last few days of school. 

For the record, I was still recovering from the flu, but I decided to stay the course and make the trip. Upon arrival, my mom treated me to lunch - which is always a good way to start. Then I had to do a lot of junk removal.

Random boxes of cereal that was left by the previous owner.

Soon I looked outside in the yard and decided that I  was going to have to make a plan for garbage removal and quick! before it got dark. I realized that I was going to miss our alley full of giant dumpster that dispose of anything. Where I was all the trash had to be neatly bagged and taken to the curb before 5 AM on Tuesday mornings. I started loading what could be donated into my van and I attempted to bag the rest for the curb.

My goal for my 36 hour period of work was to get some primer on the walls. I started removing some more stuff. The screens, the cabinet drawers, the tambour from the overheads. It seems that this removal process could go on for ever. My goal was really just to paint. We didn't want to gut the thing! Either way, it was time to call it a night. My flu-achy body was ready.

Not a single paint can had been opened.


"Honey where's the spare tire?"

"By the futon where we always keep it."

The Kitchen cabinets are removed for painting.