The Last of the Summer Sun

The Beach near St. Simon's Island, GA

We are preparing for a busy, cold stretch of the tour.  After a few weeknight concerts and trying to find a place to pass the day while our Airstream was getting new brake pads, we were anxious to find a peaceful campground. This would be our last week before heading North. It was time to soak in the 80 degree weather while we had a chance! 

I found a nice little county park on the edge of Georgia that got great reviews. It was waterfront to a river that connected with the ocean and had a beach. The vegetation was lush with gorgeous Spanish Moss hanging from the trees. It was a place filled with nature... the type of place, where you don't step outside without first covering yourself with deeps woods bug spray. The first morning we went exploring we saw dolphins swimming in the bay. Cecilia loves to tell the story about how she learned to climb a tree, which is only because one of the trees grew sideways and she could reach it. 

The Dock at Blythe Island State Park

It was a nice little regrouping time to catch up on booking, blogs, schoolwork, and sleep. The best work of the week may have been the hour we spent outside refastening and caulking the awning arm. We suspect this was the root cause of our persistent leak in the Airstream. (fingers crossed) It has rained three times thus far with no leak! 

The kids waited for the temperature to edge its way up to 80 degrees and then dutifully headed to the beach. Unfortunately, the beach was off a little fishing pond, so it was less than desirable. The sand was like a rock and the bottom of the pond was muddy. Nonetheless, this would be our last week in warm weather, so we were not discouraged. 

Saturday, we drove into Middleburg, FL for weekend Masses and a youth rally. While Michael worked all day, I agreed to drive the kids to the "real" beach. It was a fair drive, a bit cool,  and we didn't have much time. However, once the kids saw how big the waves were, the rushed out into the water exclaiming how great it was. That was the last wave they will see until the new year.