Cleveland Rocks!

Our last stop in our Northern stretch was Cleveland. There we met Greg Wasinski, a Catholic speaker and author that collaborates with Michael for advent missions. This weekend they would be working together at the Cleveland Youth Rally.

Michael was super excited, because his band would be joining him for the weekend. The kids were excited to see the kids and dogs whom they met in May just before we went to Cedar Point. I was excited to spend some time with friends in a warm, cozy house.  

Overall, it was an awesome weekend! We had a day to settle in before Matt and Sam arrived to rehearse. Soon after, Carrie Ford arrived and we were ready for the youth rally! The gang from Let Me Be Ministries had an on-going joke of trying to "recruit" both Michael's kids and band members to the "bee side" by getting them to wear Bee T-shirts.  It was all in good fun, since we are all working toward the same goal of building up God's Kingdom. 

 After the youth rally, Michael and the guys spent Sunday playing a concert at Holy Angels Parish. We had hoped to stay on Monday for a family visit, but the weather forecast predicted 6 inches of snow on Monday night, so it was time to get back home! Our plan is to use Effingham as a base for the next 6 weeks so we can avoid driving the Airstream in snow. We'll use that time for a few projects, then January hits, we are headed to warmer weather!