TV and American History, but not quite the History Channel

Plymouth Rocks!

We were excited to travel east from Pennsylvania. One of the benefits of the Airstream is that we get to travel distances that would otherwise be "too far" for Michael to drive without being gone from home for months at a time. This trip we were headed to Boston area and Long Island! Unfortunately, those are not cities known for their camping accommodations. 

We managed to find a cozy place in Sturbridge, PA. They had a huge lodge, playground, and decent wi-fi, so we made camp for the week and got a bit of work done before heading to the city. They even had a kind RV repair guy who chased down a few leaks for us while we were there.  He was still working on the Airstream on Thursday, when it was time to go to CatholicTV, so we went without it. Our hosts were happy to see the kids and gave us a tour before they set the kids up with a bunch of crafts and snacks so Michael could record an interview and a few songs for them. 

While we were out, we decided to swing by Plymouth Rock. It was not exactly on the way, but why not? It was fairly uneventful. The rock is fairly small, since they used to allow people to chisel off a piece to keep as a souvenir.  There were a few museums and shops there, but our kids had had their fill of sitting still for the day, so we grabbed some dinner and went back to camp. At least we got our history lesson for the day.