Sangre de Cristo

“Oh, you have to go to the stations of the cross when you are there!” the worker at the KOA tells me, “They are so beautiful! Life-size, bronze stations!”


This is at least the third person that has insisted that we go since we hit town a few minutes ago. Obviously, this is a source of pride for the locals. Michael decides that we will take time on Friday afternoon for the stations. It is a 15 minute drive and a mile hike - should be easy, we think. 


As we start the hike, we realize that we will be hiking straight uphill on a rocky path. Trust me when I say that the hike is part of the journey. With each step, our legs grew tired, our breath grew short. We approached the next station and read the scripture about Jesus’ sufferings. We looked ahead at the uphill path before us and sighed. Then we looked out as the world grew smaller, yet more beautiful. 


When we arrived at the end of the trail, we approached the Holy Doors of the Shrine, which held a special designation during the Year of Mercy. We entered to see smaller works of art from local artists. So quaint. So beautiful.