Airstreams and Bicycles

"The Airstream Museum is right near us. They give free factory tours." Michael says from the driver's seat. I have no clue how he knows these things. I start looking for details on my phone and discover that they only give tours at 2 PM. It is 10 AM.

The last time Michael said something like this was when we were near the Martin Guitar factory.  It turned out to be a great day, so I was willing to make it work, but 4 hours was a long time to wait. I started reading reviews to see if it would be worth the wait. Several of the reviews mentioned that the tour of the bicycle museum was also really fun.  

We headed there and paid $11 for our whole family to enter. We watched a short movie of bicycle enthusiasts doing tricks on the hi-wheel bicycles. That was a lot of fun. Then we toured the displays of bicycles. So much cool stuff. They had a bicycle that went 130 MPH! The wheels turned 22 times for each pedal. Once we got to the second floor they had some bicycles that we could try out. 

Then it was on to Airstream!

We were fairly disappointed in the Airstream factory tour. Basically a near-retiree with a megaphone walked us through the place. The Airstreams are hand-made order-per-order which lead to a lot of chaos. We did not really even get to walk into one because they couldn't sacrifice precious building time to let a tour see it. 

The coolest things that we saw was an Airstream with a hatchback being built. They were really protective of that one and acted like we weren't even supposed to know it was there. Michael found out later that Tesla is starting to use Airstreams. They didn't allow any photography inside Airstream at all, so sorry. They did have one sign that they would allow us to photograph, but it was so unimpressive that I didn't bother.