42 Inches

I have an announcement to make. MJMJ is now 42 inches tall. That is, if he wears the right shoes. This is important because that means that his trip to Universal Studios was the BEST. DAY. EVER. Last year we had the opportunity to go and he was just under 40 inches tall. He wanted to ride the Spiderman ride, but NOPE. He wanted to ride the Jurassic Park ride, but NOPE. He wanted to ride the Transformers ride, but NOPE. In fact, 39 1/2 inches tall is just short enough to get turned down for almost every ride.  

Not this year! This year he was tall enough. This year he was brave enough. This year it was the BEST. DAY. EVER. A special thanks for grandma and grandpa for the awesome Christmas gift. 

MJMJ dug out his his pass for the Tower of Terror from last year. As soon as he was tall enough the pass allows him to skip the line. Our friends, Melissa and Drew, and treated us to a trip to Animal Kingdom this year, and let him hop over to Hollywood Studios just to celebrate the occasion. Two Thumbs up!

Thanks again to Melissa and Drew for the great adventure.