Guest Blog: The Girls Report on April Tour


I was told that the tour would be more aggressive, It didn't feel that way though. I enjoyed chilling on the long drives and rocking at the concerts. I also enjoyed seeing, for the first time, Mount Rushmore. The statue was a lot smaller than what I thought it would be.

I was very excited about trying out a panorama hack, like having the person go around you and make it look like there is several of that person, or lifting the phone upward instead to the side so it looks like the mountain is taller. The first few were disastrous but I enjoyed the last few. 

I was very pleased that I got done for the year on my schoolwork! I spent the last few days on tour studying for my final tests, specifically math, so that I may hopefully get good grades.



At the beginning I thought it was going to be a busy tour - and it was.  I found that even when we are busy, we actually have a long time. We get to relax on the drives. Our Dad told us that we may get behind on school and that we'd have to catch up. I was not happy with that.  When we started the tour I was doing double school days. Gabby and Trinity were in a competition who could finish their school first! We were passing through all states that had no wifi or cell service. After about a week and a half later Gabby finished her school! Then, 2 days later Trinity finished her school! I was only one left, but I only had math left.

I remember I said "I thought I was going to get behind." Three days before the end of the tour I finally finished my school! Overall I feel triumphant and very excited. *Drop the mic walk off stage*


My favorite part of the tour was at the concert in Minot, North Dakota, for two specific reasons. First of all, we had a big crowd there. Father Bruce and Tanya must have done a good job on promotion.

Secondly, in the church there was a railing around the ambo and Trinity asked "What's is that railing for?"

Dad is always teasing Trinity about being blonde, so he answered, "Oh it's so that people don't fall off. You know because there's more light haired people up north."  

This went on the whole time we were setting up. Finally it went to far and Trinity proclaimed, "I am not going to fall off..." and proceded to fall off of the stairs at that exact moment. We all laughed out loud at that one.

There were other fun adventures that we had on the tour also.

-We had an easter egg hunt on Divine Mercy Saturday with our friends the Robesons.

-We got several fun escape games from Father Kent in Kansas City, Kansas.

-We got Eggo waffles for dinner.

-We played in a parish that was five miles down a dirt road and we had to use a paper atlas because here was no cell phone signal

 -We had a snowball fight the day after we had 70 degrees.

-We stayed with Cathy and had green bread and ham.

-We saw a photo of an old pastor who's name was Rev. Jim Moriarty. (any Sherlock fans?) 

-We stayed with some hunters who had caught about 200 geese the same day.

-We were 10 miles north of a blizzard that passed through South Dakota.