Studio B - It's gonna be EPIC!

When the realtor walked Michael into the second garage of our house, he knew it would be the house for us. Michael could see it in his mind - a rehearsal studio, a workshop space to  build new show pieces, a video studio where he could have proper lighting permanently installed and ready to go. He could imagine the ratty garage with a make-over of black walls, velvet curtains, and a sparkle floor.  

It's not the first project on our list, but it is already in the works. We call it "Studio B." Michael has already purchased a video camera and has plans for MJM7 to start a live-streaming channel where they can easily post videos of our current show, learn some new worship songs, and also have fun doing secular covers. 

What we have done on the garage to Studio B conversion so far is:

  1. Patched the leaky roof.
  2. Had the electrician add service to the garage and install overhead lighting and enough outlets to run the show. 
  3. Painted the walls and rafters black.
  4. Sanded and painted black shimmer epoxy onto the floor.
  5. Made vinyl black-out covers for the windows.
  6. Sewn velvet curtains for the backdrop. 
  7. Mounted stage lighting in the rafters. 

It is looking GREAT! The major limiting factor right now is the fact that it is not climate controlled. We have estimates for spray insulation and a HVAC system that will be zoned and shared with the front garage (a.k.a. Studio A). Our hope is the we will be able to get that done after our fall tour so that we can be working out there in December. 

We are so excited about the possibilities that this will bring for our ministry. Producing on-line content has always been a major struggle for us on the road. The hardest thing for us to communicate is what our live event is like. Having a space, readily available is AWESOME! 

Stay tuned for big things in the future.