Camps Savio & Bosco

We returned to Kansas this summer, but this time we served at a new camp. Camp Savio and Camp Bosco are hosted by the diocese of Kansas City, St. Joseph. Camp is held in Atchison, Kansas. I have heard stories of Atchison from several friends who attended college at Benedictine. It is a small, country town. When we got there, it had a similar feel to our hometown- Effingham, IL. They are almost the exact same size! 

Camp was held at Maur Hill Mount Academy High school, which is a boarding school and has dorms on campus.  It was a little weird to be at a summer camp that was right in town, but then again that had some perks! On our time off, we went into town and toured the train museum - which was a perfect Sunday break. 


Through the week, our kids joined in activities like low ropes, archery tag, giant slip 'n slide, and mud pit. 

The second week Trinity was out of town, so Cecilia joined the band on Synthesizer. It is nice to have a great environment like summer camp to learn new skills and get comfortable playing in front of people. I comment all of the time that Cecilia is the "baby" in our family and that she uses that to her advantage. She has really stepped up her game this summer! I think you will see more on her on stage this fall!

By the third week, camp had invited us to play our entire show for the high school campers. What great fun! The campers are always full of joy and energy. The girls said that it was one of their favorite concerts yet! Camp took some great video of the concert and I'll post that separately.   

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