501(c)(3) approved!

Back in 2009, Michael was working for a youth group, studying for a Master’s in Theology, and recording his first Album, “Always What I Need”. When budget cuts came for youth ministry, Michael volunteered to take a unpaid leave of absence during Lent to begin his “Forty Days of Praise” tours. He played an acoustic concert every single night during Lent. 

I remember the whirlwind of releasing that first album. Trying to get things going before his paycheck stopped. We had nothing in place. We wrote biographies, took photos, compiled a mailing list, printed banners, and promo cards. Michael started calling every person he knew to see if they would host a concert. I had to figure out how to incorporate a business, start an bank account, begin accounting, report income, accept credit card payments, and manage our 5 young kids while he was gone (which was only about 3 weeks).

I remember asking Michael if he wanted to register as a non-profit or an LLC. He responded, “I hope that we can make a profit and support the family!” That is when we registered MJM Ministries as an LLC. 

As the years passed, we got more comfortable with all of the business things. Our contacts grew and we began to have system in place. Michael’s hope came true. He was able to support our family playing music!

Maybe it was not as he imagined. The music industry is still trying to figure out how to make money as CD sales give way to streaming. Michael has learned that the real appeal is in the experience of the live concert, the moments of ministry, and the joy and love that our children bring. That is what people support as we travel. We rely on those generous donations.  


We have taken time and effort this past year to establish a non-profit with 501(c)(3) tax status. Mette Family Ministries, Inc. exists  to promote the beauty of the Catholic faith in a modern context using unique experiences. It also provides a living witness of the joy of a relationship with Christ and invites others into that same relationship.

The 501(c)(3) application was a lengthy process that we began last August, by selecting board members and creating articles of incorporation, purpose statements, and bylaws. We created documents that allow Michael to keep ownership of his music, but allows donors to support the ministry, art, and touring by making a tax deductible donation. Documents were submitted on both the state and federal level. 

Then there was a long period of waiting. The IRS is not known for their expediency. I am happy to report that we have received our letter of acceptance from the IRS!!! We are so excited! 

 The 501(c)(3) status and the donations made to it will fund current projects such as MJM7 touring, live-streaming channel and our travel to WYD. It will also open doors for future opportunities like working with new artists. Here is the link where you can donate: