Fireworks & Hayrides in West Virginia

Camp Tygart nestled in the West Virginia Mountains

In the mountains of West Virginia lies a beautiful retreat center that is in the process of being converted to an all-youth camp and retreat center. This was their first week of summer camp. THIS would be where we spend our patriotic holiday.  

Lots of 25 MPH curves. Our van, "boss", earned her keep that day! 

We were a bit nervous about the drive there. It was steep and winding and we are 55 feet long with our trailer weighing over 8,000 pounds! We attempted to have our brakes inspected before we left Colonial Beach, but no one was willing to fit us in on a holiday week. I was glad that Michael was driving. We did not make it there quickly, but we did make it there!  

When we arrived, they had our rooms ready at the inn - internet and a bathtub! What more can you ask for! I settled the kids in for a nap while Michael set up his lights and sound. We made arrangements to meet our "new best friends" at the pool at 5:00.

Our host was Sean, a young father with an adventurous spirit (like ours!)  He had recently moved to Camp Tygart with his family which consisted of 4 girls, ranging in age from 3 to 9. It took all of 3 seconds for the kids to pair up and make themselves comfortable. I had planned on skipping the concert and going back to our room for an easy and restful night. Once we had dinner, the kids played peacefully outside right up until the fireworks display. (easy and restful for me - fun for them... win/win). 

The next day Michael took the kids to the petting zoo and I got to catch up on some accounting. (fun, I know.) The kids got introduced to Gaga Ball - which the camp had respectfully renamed "Bosco Ball." Of course, we made it to the pool during open swim again.  We were invited to join the campers for meals and evening entertainment. That night it was a hayride!  

This kids rank this right up with Cedar Point as their favorite stop so far.