Catholic Playlist Show Radio Interview

This summer, the kids and I have had a pretty relaxed schedule. We had a few weeks at a campground in Nashville while Michael recorded the next album. Then, we went to my mom's house for a week while Michael flew to FL for weeklong work camp. We did a 6-week northern tour with the band and then were back at our family's while Michael and the guys flew to Mayalasia. Since our Anniversary party was shortly after that, we stayed in the local to the midwest. We based out of our hometown and took weekend trips to play concerts. After being gone for 4 straight months in the winter, it was nice to have time to visit and regroup before the fall. 

WJTA in Ohio

Now, the band members have settled back into their "real jobs" and the family is on the road again. Michael has developing a new version of his live show that includes video and some new lights. It is nice to be on the road again. We are getting settled into a routine of schoolwork, concerts, and travel days. 

We performed a few concerts in Michigan and then stopped off at Holy Family Radio, WJTA in Ohio.  There Michael had an interview for the Catholic Playlist Show.  It's good to be back on the road sharing our faith and family!  God is Good!