Top Thrills at Cedar Point!

This post is written by my daughter, Gabriella.  Enjoy reading about one of our "days off" from her perspective.

I recently  started reading the only paper book that I took with us on this tour : "The Daring Book for Girls."  Of course it opened up to the daring girls guide to danger and number one was...ride a roller coaster.  On the list of coasters in the book, number two was (of course) Top Thrill Dragster in Sandusky, Ohio at 412 feet!  I had promised Dad that I would ride either the Dragster or the Millenium Force.

Two years ago when we went to Cedar Point I didn't ride a single roller coaster other then the Mine Ride.  I ''hated it' 'because of the drop' (even though it wasn't high at all -  only 48 feet high!) So this year I decided to ride everything.  I was pretty scared after we arrived and I saw (once again) how tall the coasters were.                                                           

We went to the entrance to wait for our friends (the Wasinskis).  Dad took a picture of Cecilia measuring the dragster with her fingers. ''Dragster doesn't look so tall from here!'' Dad posted as we walked into the park.   When the Wasinskis arrived, all the kids ran to them.  As we walked inside I started to have second thoughts on making that promise with dad.   The only reason I didn't back out was because otherwise dad wouldn't have a roller coaster buddy.   Last year Trinity was his buddy but after the Millennium Force, she started to have second thoughts.                                                   

The first coaster we rode was the Iron Dragon. My friend Natalie and I were partners and she said it was mostly just a "chill ride." It really was.  After that we rode Rogarou and it was awsome! I easily chose that over Millenium Force (which my younger sister Charity rode and loved.) Next was Gatekeeper, MaXair, and Blue Streak all at the front of the park.  The sign on Blue Streak read "Remain Seated at All Times."  It was really hard not to break that rule as the coaster gave us lots of airtime!  Then we caught up with the younger kids and Mom and went back to the bus for lunch.  

Dad asked me when we should ride Dragster. 

I said, "at the end of the day so that I don't become scared, like Trinity did last time we were here."  By the time we left,  I rode everything except the Mine Ride, Mean Streak, Wicked Twister,  and Woodstock Express.          

In line for the Dragster, I literally just stood there trying not to cry from fright.  Nathan also went with us, and he said "The first time I rode the dragster I memorized every detail.  At the top my friend said 'what a nice view'" (since it goes slow at the top).

When we were buckled in I tried really hard not to cry.  

We advanced to the launch zone.  

And then we went.  

I literally cried half way up.  At the last second at the top I opened my eyes and thought "hmmm... This IS a nice view!" On the way down all I could think was "I DID IT!" 

We joined every one and I took a picture next to the sign.  Charity just stared at me and kept asking "How was it?"  I went to sleep that night and felt that I had really accomplished something - I had conquered my fear of heights!

by Gabriella Mette