New Foods in New England

Guest blog by Trinity Mette: 

 Gosh, I never thought I would do something like this.  When we were near Maine for the first time, Dad wanted to try something that involves food and he wanted lobster. He wanted us ALL to try lobster. 

When Dad told me the news, I was a little upset. It's not always fun to try new foods but Dad always wants to make sure I actually eat food and not just straight sugar. I went to my bed to think about it. I said 2 rosaries, which helped a lot. Dad called me back up he said there could be  dessert and a guitar lesson if I was brave.

When we where in the restaurant, I was scared. I saw the living creatures in their cages and I was worried about how it was going to taste, even though dad told me that nothing bad could happen. I just hope dinner is good.

When I saw the lobster on the table, I felt my stomach drop. It looked scary with its big claws. I wondering what it would taste like. I would not order it if I had a choice, but Dad said I should not judge it before I taste it.

Something that I also didn't like... we had get the meat out of the lobster!  To get it out, we had to twist the arms off and yank off the shell.  Guess who did all that. Dad, right? No. Charity did it!

I was surprised. She took the bib that they were fighting over and I said, “If you have the bib, you have to take the meat out of the lobster.” Charity just said, “ok,” and did it! Gosh! I would never do that in a million years! I was the camera women and took shots of everyone trying it.  

The way you make it tasty? Add bacon!
— Gabriella Mette

We got three things: a lobster pizza (with bacon), lobster stew and a boiled lobster. When it was my turn to try it mom video taped me. Dad said we should do it together.  I did not hear him completely, because I was focused on how gross it looked.  Dad joined in anyway. He said, "1, 2..."  On 2 I was trying to get some butter on, but I only got a drop on because dad was counting so fast. THREE!    and...

I ate it! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I didn't like it. Then we ordered dessert! Dessert was worth it. It was really good - probably because it had a ton of sugar in it.

Thanks for checking out my blog.  You can also see the video and hope to see you again!