Easter Joy!

"We smoke everything!" Nancy told us, when we asked her about all the smokers behind the church. "You should come for Easter vigil. We know how to break a fast!" 

 We decided to take her up on the offer. This year we joined a small-town parish in Hostyn, TX  as they celebrated Easter Vigil, and it was a treat! The Easter fire was over 12 feet tall! We had to snap our family picture quickly, because it was so hot where we were standing. They had a shovel with a 15 foot handle so they could scoop coals to start the incense for Mass.   

 When we came out of the church 2 hours later, it had burned down perfectly and there was a smorgasboard of meats - BACON-wrapped meats: lamb, deer, and dove. Then there were bacon-wrapped mushroom, bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers. I have no clue how many hours they spent wrapping stuff in bacon, but I heard one guy say they had 200 bacon-wrapped dove. Then there was soda, wine, and shiner bock beer. (We were very near the Shiner Bock brewery.) Once we had our fill of bacon-wrapped goodness, we moved on the s'mores. We called it a night and the next day we joined in on a family Easter lunch, egg hunt, and raw egg toss.