The year of the Rollercoaster

Michael has always loved roller coasters. Each time we drive by a theme park he calls the kids to the front so they can take part in the excitement. One of our first family-fun days in the Airstream was a visit to Cedar Point, aka “roller coaster capital.”  We actually went a second time the next year.  Pretty early-on, I realized that we pass a lot of Cedar Fair amusement parks as we tour. 

“Maybe we should get a season pass,” I thought, “I bet we could visit 4 or 5 parks without really going out of our way.” 

Then I looked at our tour route. We pass all 10 parks in the United States this year! We can actually visit 9 of them (one we will pass by in the winter after it is already closed). That decided it! This year we are getting season tickets! Everyone is excited. Cecilia just cleared 48 inches and Charity cleared 54 inches! It is sure to be a great year, but don’t take my word for it.