Epcot - adding to our Disney collection

"You name the park and I'll let you know where to meet us." Melissa makes arrangements for our next Disney adventure. We are so grateful to Melissa and Drew for allowing us to visit Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Disney Quest, Animal Kingdom, and now Epcot. 

"Next on our list is Epcot. Will that be fun?" I asked. I had heard that Epcot was the park that was fun for adults, but boring for kids. This did NOT prove to be true for us. 

Walking into a Disney park with Melissa and her family is like having a private tour guide. She has our fast passes all lined up. She knows which rides have a single rider line and which ones MJMJ will be too short for. She knows what parts of the park will be busy and when. She can cut out the unnecessary walking, but knows when it is time to make a long hike to avoid being stuck in the crowd. 

In general, we like to get all the big rides under our belt early. Thank you fast pass. We spent the morning on rides, meeting characters, and watching shows. When it got to be evening, we headed to the countries for a Broadway performance. Then we grabbed some food and browsed the countries. It was 9 PM before we knew it. We spent our 12 hours in the park I thought was going to be "boring" and we didn't even get to see all of the shows! We want to extend a HUGE Thank You to Melissa and Drew for all our Disney Memories.