Last Stop! San Jose

Our last stop before Christmas was at NCCYM in San Jose. We have been to this conference before, but this time it was special. Grandma and Grandpa were coming! Instead of being cooped up in a hotel room, the kids would get to see the world - at least anything that was walking distance. 

First stop - The children's museum. Let's be honest. This was the main attraction for the weekend. It had a giant playground made from packing tape! What more could one possibly need? 


After the weekend was over, Grandma and Grandpa had to catch a flight home. This time they had company. Gabby and Trinity had saved their money to buy plane tickets, too! They have not flown in an airplane since they were toddlers, so they wanted a good memory of flying. Also, They got to miss the 6 day cross-country drive in the van. The final selling point was that they would have a whole week at Grandma's house before their younger siblings arrived. 

I'm happy to report that many memories were made. Their plane had mechanical troubles and the flight was cancelled. They were delayed, re-routed, and added lay-overs. Their day started at 5 AM and they got home at midnight. But! They were still home a week ahead of the rest of us.