Nintendo Switch

Guest Post by Trinity Mette, Age 11.

I was incredibly excited as I watched my movie, it's nearly ten and me and my siblings are not even in our pajamas.

It was a Friday, but we were not staying up until 2:30 am for no reason (and unfortunately watching movies doesn't count as a good reason.)
No, this had to be something that me and my dad liked, something good, but what?
Video Games. Our family loves Video Games. And it so happens that tonight the Nintendo Switch (the latest video game console) is getting released at midnight.

However. There was one small issue. It is so popular, that a lot of people ordered pre-orders.We couldn't, we didn't know were we where going to be. 

Finally the time came, 10:00 P.M.  - we got in the van to go buy the Nintendo Switch.  We would get there early in hopes to get one at midnight. Dad checked at the Walmart that we where at, they were getting a shipments of only FIVE Nintendo Switches! We had to be the the first five there, or else we couldn't buy one.  So we were going there at 10:00 P.M. Mom stayed back with my baby brother, Truman. My older sister, Gabby decided not to go, either. She is not a fan of video games.  We drove to Walmart. I thought since we went at 10:00 P.M.,  we would be the first one there. When we walked to the line, we where quite surprised to see THREE OTHER PEOPLE waiting in line! And NONE of them hade pre-orders. We came two hours EARLY and we where the fourth person there! Yikes!

Oh well, at least we knew we were 4th in line, and there were 5 available. Finally after sitting on a counter (for two hours) the line opens up. Everyone goes thru the line, paying three hundred dollars for the Nintendo Switch, AND sixty dollars for the game. We kids all worked together to buy the console with our Christmas money. Finally, after waiting since Christmas, I open our Nintendo Switch and our awesome game The Legend of Zelda! We heard that the game takes at least 50hrs to complete, 50hrs x 5 awesome kids (not including Truman) equals 250hrs of awesome fun!

I recently completed the game (my siblings are still trying), and I can't wait to play again! It's really got a good game! I will have a full review of the game coming soon.