Breath of the Wild

Guest post by Trinity Mette.

Instead of me telling you what I think of the game, I thought I'd ask my brother and sisters what they think of it and report back to you.

Charity's favorite thing is clothes.
At the beginning of the game you start of with a very small amount of clothes, only one outfit, it's a very bad outfit.
The farther you get into the game, the more shops you see, the more clothes you find, charity has a LOT of clothes, she raids the entire clothes supply of every shop she can find! She has a full page of clothes!
But her favorite outfit by far is the champion tunic. Super stylish and defensive.


Cecilia loves to travel to new lands.
The game is very open to you, you can do a lot without worrying about Gannon and Zelda. Even though you can teleport to different shrines and towers (which she also still does) she enjoys going to unnecessary places, but she has a lot of fun in them, such as snowling, which is snow bowling. Fun! She knows how to party. But she also loves riding to the places on horses. She loves catching them and riding them, and defeating easy camps by running into all the monsters on a twice as large as them horse. And the best part is, you can ride so much more than just horses, bear, dear, sand seal, and lots more!


Gabby loves the mystery, like how you wake up in the shrine of resurrection and the first thing you hear is a strange voice, she loves the puzzles, but her favorite thing to do is find memories. Zelda leaves you a sheik a slate and when you meet purah, in the hateno ancient tech lab, you get Zelda's old photos!
If you go to the place matching the photo you get a video of a memory! Here is a video of one of the twelve different memories! This one is the funny one!

MJ's favorite thing about Zelda, by far, is kilton.
Kilton, is a monster man who sells monster masks to you, when you buy from him monster masks the masks tricks monsters into thinking your a monster!
Then they start talking to you and they follow you around!
That is until of course you get tiered of them being nice to you and you attack them.

I love the entire game, but what I love most about it is the people, there are so many different kinds of people not just hylians, there are also Gorons, Zoras, Gerudo, Rito, and Koroks. And I love the terrain. The entire game is amazing and is highly recommended by the Mette family.