Welcome Home Fidelity!

Less than 3 days after her g-tube surgery, Fidelity was on her way home.

I was a little rushed figuring out how a 3 hour feeding schedule fit with a 2 hour drive, but we managed, even with the added traffic.  It's time to figure out the routine on my own. I start with what the hospital taught me: change diaper (5 min), warm bottle (5 min), bottle feed (30 min), tube feed (20  min), pump breastmilk (15 min). Repeat every 3 hours.  Over an hour worth of feeding every 3 hours, means I have about 90 minute breaks to get everything else done. How does Mass fit into this schedule? When do we eat supper? What happens when we don't have all of our supplies organized in cabinets right in one tidy, sterile room? 

What happens? 

She get more cuddles from her brothers and sisters. That's what. 

But how is she doing? 

She is doing "the same." She still sleeps a lot. She still only takes partial bottle feeds. We can see slow improvements in strength, but her muscle tone is still floppy. It's likely that she will need physical therapy. It is likely that she will compensate for her low muscle tone with a little work. We won't know what other challenges she will face, if any. As she grows we will know more.

Until then, enjoy the cuddles.