"We may have spent our last night in this bus." 

That's what Michael told the kids when we our bus broke down last September. We were hoping it wasn't true. There were times when we thought it wouldn't be true. 

When we decided to order a new engine last October, we were hopeful that we would take the bus on tour a bit longer. The more the rebuild drug out, the more Michael talked to different mechanics, the quicker he decided that a 6V92 engine was not for us. We need something that we could get worked on anywhere. We need at least a series 60 engine or newer. The past 9 months have been filled with stress, and a lot of it was caused by that bus. We are definitely ready to close that chapter of our life and try something different. 

As soon as we picked it up from the mechanic, Michael listed the bus for sale. It was an old bus, but with a freshly rebuilt engine, it was a good deal. We had a couple of bands interested, mostly other Christian musicians and Michael did not waste anytime sealing the deal. We pray that the bus will be a blessing for it's new owner.  We thank everyone who prayed for a quick sale. Prayers answered! 


Just as we were finishing the paperwork on the sale of the bus, the family that bought our Airstream texted me. "We blew past our 2 year anniversary, but we wanted to show you pictures of what is on the horizon" and they included pictures of the house they have been building. It is almost ready for them to move in. I'm not sure if they will keep the Airstream for travel or if it will go to a new owner, but it looks likes they will be starting a new chapter as well. 

The journey continues! 

We are going to take our time buying another bus. We have a strong lead on a Prevost with a series 60, but we are going to wait for our house to sell. Until then, we'll continue to tour more creatively - like we have been for the past 9 months: vans and carseats, hotels and host families, packing and unpacking. We've made it this far, what's a few more months.